Angel Lee

I never realized what a kiss
from you could do to me
One look and you got me hooked
Oh my sweet Angel Lee.

You defrost my ice cool heart,
right from the start.

Oh Angel Lee can´t you see,
It´s got to be you and me.

Angel Lee // Can´t you see,
what you´re doing to me.
Angel Lee // You took my heart.
Right there from the start.

I hope you understand
that I´m in love with you.
Oh Angel Lee don´t make me blue.

Without you I´m a worthless man,
like 1000 miles of sand.
I´m suffering for your command,
a touch from your loving hand.

Angel Lee// Can´t you see…

Upphovsman: Patric Carlson

Förlag: Strawberry Pruductions

Från albumet Rallarsväng