I Surrender

Walking the streets
Where I used to walk with you
Talking to friends
And I hope it can´t be true
That you´re not on your own
Leaving me here all alone

I heared your message
on my answering machine
Is it too late was it just a dream
If I ask you for a date
Tell me it won´t be too late

One look and I surrender
surrender my heart to you
All those kisses I do remember
Even when the night is blue
One look and I surrender
Surrender is all I do
Defending a love so tender
Pretending that I still got you
That I still got you that I still got you

Driving my car down the street
When it starts to rain
Wait in the bar an I wonder is this in vain
Then you´re walking through the door
Now how could I ask for more

One look and I surrender…

Didn´t know that I had these feelings
Couldn`t tell from the start
Didn´t know til the day you broke my heart

One look and I surrender…

Upphovsman: Norell / Oson / Bard

Förlag: Cloudberry Songs

Från albumet Cuba Libre